If you wan to print your ouput in a colorful way in bash terminal you can use these color codes to print that.

Some of the color code are

# — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — # Colors # — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

# ----------------------------------   
# Colors
# ---------------------------------- NOCOLOR='\033[0m'
LIGHTBLUE='\033[1;34m' LIGHTPURPLE='\033[1;35m' LIGHTCYAN='\033[1;36m'

Major Startup during the Initial phase face the challenges of Rapid Development. They need a huge line of code to make few products working in market and making them available for the user thus improving further according to feedback and usage.

Serverless is one of the framework which is the fastest way to develop API’s where developer don’t have to worry for the underlying hardware requirement to run the application rather than have to complete focus on the development part.

So to play around serverless you must be comfortable with any of the few common language to get your code…

How we solved the Spring Boot Actuator exposing data via whitelisting certain API’s using API-Gateway. Spring boot Application has some problem that they Explicitly expose APIs in Spring Data Rest.

Problem Statement

Majorly some micro-service that are client facing and are Used by some another micro-service, Need to be having both Internal-facing and Internet-facing Load Balancer. The internal loadbalancer reduces the api call by ms and thus the reducing the latency.

We at BharatPe Re-Invented the wheel by making all our API’s internal, So far the client facing API’s that need to be called via Internet. We Use the…

Recently We Guys were facing issues with whitelisting our application to third parties behind an ALB. As ALB IP gets changes frequently. Came up on a solution using NLB and assign Elastic IP. But Still Many features of ALB we were missing.

We started looking for a solution and came up with the latest AWS service Global Accelerator. The following service not only helps what we need but also baked many use cases which are very fascinating.

- Setting up Regional DR

- Easily move endpoints between Availability Zones or AWS Regions without needing to update your DNS configuration or…

Yash Shah

When I started setting up centralized monitoring for an organization level. I came across a few of the stacks that attracted me. This post is regarding those who want to start setting up their monitoring can read and get a clear view of what things are indifferent stack and where to approach to set up a perfect “chowkidar 😊😊😊😊” to send anomalies happening over the entire Infra

  1. Tick Stack
  2. Prometheus and Grafana
  3. Sensu

Tick Stack

T (Telegraf): Telegraph is an open-source agent that help to collect metrics from server sensor and systems.

I (Influx): Influx DB is a time-series database…

Prerequisite :- Basic understanding of Dockerfile

The .env file

It works with docker-compose.yml. You can simple use $ notation in your compose file to pick value from .env, if both docker-compose.yml and .env is in same directory

The .env looks something like this


The key-value pair is used in docker-compose.yml by simply using $ notation within the docker-compose.yml file. Lets look and example.

image: linuxserver/demo
- env_var_name=${first_variable} # here it is

1. To check thing are working fine in docker-compose.yml you can simply use docker-compose config, This way you can check how your docker-compose.yml will look after substituting…

yash kumar shah

DevOps Engineer II @t Zeta (Directi)

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